Andreas Woschek

Andreas Woschek

Executive Vice President Chemicals


HELM is the exclusive marketing partner for Jushi in German-speaking countries.


As an exclusive partner, HELM AG offers the complete product range of Jushi Group, China. The product range includes chopped strands for thermoplastics, direct rovings for LFT, weaving, filament winding and pultrusion as well as multi-end rovings for SMC and centrifugal casting and chopped strand mats. In addition Helm markets Jushi’s hybrid-yarn “Compofil”, a mixture of fibreglass and Polypropylen or Polyethylenterephthalat.

Jushi is the largest producer of fiberglass in the world with a production capacity of more than one million metric tons. End of 2013, Jushi started a new production in Egypt with a capacity of 80,000 metric tons (phase 1) which is mainly dedicated to the European market. In the second half of 2016 the second furnace with another 80,000 metric tons came on stream to bring additional volumes to the European fiberglass market.

Examples of applications

Fiberglass is typically used for the reinforcement of thermoplastic polymers and thermoset resins.

Other packaging solutions possible by agreement.


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