Andreas Woschek

Andreas Woschek

Executive Vice President Chemicals

Titanium Dioxide

The white pigment titanium dioxide (TiO2) is the most essential pigment for various industries and applications due to its outstanding properties.


Titanium dioxide plays a significant role among color pigments. The product is used in many industrial fields. Different qualities of titanium dioxide must be taken into account for diverse application areas.

It serves as a brightener and based on its excellent refractive index, ensures high coverage and UV stability. In addition to its physical properties, titanium dioxide, as nanoparticles, offers chemical functions such as in photocatalytic coatings for self-cleaning of surfaces.

Global presence

The HELM AG distributes a large number of different types of titanium dioxide pigments worldwide, both manufactured using the chloride process and the sulfate process. HELM sells rutile grades with different surface modifications as well as untreated anatase.

As the exclusive distribution partner for Tronox in Germany, HELM markets the entire product range under the brand name TiONA®.

Today, the HELM AG deals with titanium dioxide in more than 20 countries including the regions EMEA, Latin America, and Asia. Based on its global network, HELM fulfills various functions for both consumers and manufacturers, including tailor-made logistical solutions, multinational supply agreements, and technical and legal support.

Examples of applications

The largest areas of use include paints and coatings, various plastic applications, and the paper industry, primarily in the field of decorative and specialty papers as well as wallpapers. Titanium dioxide is also found in printing inks, rubber, ceramics, catalysts, textiles, and the construction industry. In addition to technical applications, TiO2 is used in the food industry, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


  • 25 kg bags
  • 500 or 1,000 kg big bags
  • Bulk in silo truck

Other packaging solutions possible by agreement.

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