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“At HELM AG I am shaping my future.”

Sina Schmidt, is already working at HELM.

My first steps working at HELM – what can I look forward to?

Jens Engel

Jens Engel

Head of Department Training + Development

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HELM AG offers very good prospects and a variety of career options for highschool graduates (with the equivalent of A levels or admission to a technical college).

Future business managers and cooks (male / female) and are recruited every year; HELM also offers vocational training in IT and office management. Vocational training takes 2 or 3 years, depending on the job or career specification.

A "Training Centre" provides our apprentices with a first hands-on opportunity to assume responsibility for products from procurement and sales all the way through to settlement. The ability to work independently and further develop teamwork capabilities are key objectives. In addition, our apprentices are given training in how to deal with commercial risks in practical applications.

Dual studies

Within the scope of a dual bachelor course of study, HELM provides the opportunity to combine practical and theoretical knowledge of business management and administration or computer science. Studies are concluded with appropriate qualifications (a Bachelor of Science degree). HELM cooperates with the relevant educational institutions.

Even during the vocational training phase, HELM promotes the development of junior talent with additional training sessions and seminars for public speaking, sales training, and PC applications.

The range of advanced education measures also extends to include quality management and numerous foreign languages.

Over 70 young professionals are currently working at HELM AG – equivalent to more than 12% of the total workforce.