HELM AG’s new top female Chef

08/01/2019: Training as a professional Chef – and an international trading company headquartered in Hamburg... what brings them together?

Elise Scholl has a ready answer: the 24-year-old has just completed her three-year Traineeship as a Chef in the kitchens at HELM AG. The main factor in her choice of company was the unique set of conditions: alongside very fair pay, the clearly defined working hours also meant she could spend enough time with family and friends. Underpinning this was her supervisor and mentor, Chef Peter Weise, who was always by her side with sound advice and a helping hand.

This combination of Elise’s great talent and solid support has now helped her hard work over the last few years pay back twofold. On 13.06.2019 Elise won a Hamburg Chef competition, winning the title of ‘TOP Talent’. Six young male and female Chefs went head-to-head under the banner of ‘Declaration of Love’ in three distinct culinary disciplines: Presentation – Production – Planning. The competitors were required to present themselves in a video and also answer the examiners’ questions while they were cooking.

In Production, the main discipline, the contestants were given a shopping basket full of different ingredients to create a full three-course menu. Under the eagle eye of the two examiner teams, the budding young chefs then cooked their hearts out and put all their skills on display.

Elise came top in this discipline with the following menu:

Curried Langostino Wan Tan, Beluga Lentil Salad, Smoked Buttered Mackerel Mousse

Main Course
Pan-fried Ibérico Pork Cutlet in a Chive Crust, Malt Beer Sauce, Glazed Asparagus and Artichoke Vegetables, Creamed Potato and Carrot

Passionfruit and Mascarpone Tartlets, Nutmeg-dusted Pineapple, Coconut Ice-cream

Elise’s outstanding performance throughout the whole competition and particularly in the Production category convinced all the judges and secured her first place.
With victory in the bag Elise tackled her Traineeship Finals – and achieved the best grades in the whole State of Hamburg.

Not only these two outstanding successes but also the entire Traineeship period shows that training as a professional Chef at HELM AG is a very special Traineeship indeed. Young Chefs’ talents are challenged and developed through exceptional supervision, excellent support, a host of opportunities and superb quality on every level.

Given her special and highly successful career start it’s no surprise that interest in our talented Elise is at boiling point. She has just taken part in the German Young Chefs Training Camp in Potsdam.

Elise has not yet decided where she will go when she leaves HELM. Many doors are open to her, and new exciting tasks, opportunities and offers are bubbling up with every new day.

We are sure that Elise can look forward to a wonderful and highly successful professional career – and we’re excited to find out which open door she chooses!

We HELM AG Trainees wish her every success, great fun and all the very best.

Kyra Wenzlawski (Dual Student HSBA, 2nd year as an apprentice)
Johannes Lange (2nd year student in Business Administration
and Foreign Trade)