Starting working life with HELM AG

01/10/2017: In 2016 we both began our dual Bachelor of Science degree course in Business Administration at HELM AG – a course the company offers in cooperation with the Nordakademie.

After an introductory week in which various onboarding seminars helped us prepare for an ideal start to our professional lives, we were finally able to get to know our first department. We were given a warm welcome by the colleagues there, who helped us work our way into our respective tasks.

We were also given a weekly function as ‘IT floor walkers’, where we were able to support the employees during an internal software adjustment, and used this opportunity to gain an insight into various different areas and procedures. We found that the employees in the various departments were friendly and approachable, which further enhanced our positive impression of the company.

In parallel we had training in Foreign Commerce twice a week after work, so we could acquire the practical knowledge – about Bs/L (documents regarding the maritime transport) or preparing purchasing calculations, for example – that was missing in our course of study. To sum up, our first working weeks at HELM AG were a thoroughly positive experience. But would our start at university be equally successful?

At the end of 2016 we were invited to a Welcome Day for the first semester at the Nordakademie. As we had chosen different foreign languages, we were allocated to different classes, or ‘centuriae’ as they are called here. The university administration and the directors of each degree course began by addressing us with words of both warning and motivation. We then found ourselves grouped together in our centuriae, getting to know our fellow students. A treasure-hunt over the university campus quickly helped us make contact with all our classmates.

Later we gathered together with students from all courses in the large auditorium, where we were introduced to the various Student Committees – these are working groups involved in various areas such as sport and fitness, art, finance or technology, on behalf of the university. Each student is invited to join these Committees and play an active part in them.

At the first semester Welcome Day we were able to gather plenty of useful information about our degree course starting in 2017, and we are looking forward to the first semester. There’s a whole range of seminars to attend, for example. As well as the seminar on Public Speaking, we have also registered for a seminar on Scientific Working Methods.

Until the start of the semester, however, we are looking forward to focusing on our work at HELM AG – and to enjoying the pleasant working atmosphere and the good food in the company restaurant. We’re sure that we will greatly appreciate this during the theoretical phase of our studies!

Lasse Weigert and Philip Nitsche 
(Bachelor degree students at the Nordakademie, 1st semester)