‘Together We’ll Make It’ – Company motto also shines at the Tough Mudder


On Saturday 07 July 2018 over 60 participants from HELM, including numerous apprentices, accepted a major sporting challenge: the North German Tough Mudder 2018, where not just the distance but above all the obstacles tested teamwork and willpower.

On this first weekend of July alone almost 20,000 sports fans took part in this special event, with HELM providing Germany’s third-largest company team and attracting plenty of public attention with its team race-vest. Tough Mudder participants can opt for the 11-kilometer ‘half’ course or the ‘full’ 18-kilometer distance, and the start saw HELM runners tackling both distances.

The athletes had to overcome new obstacles at regular intervals – these were unique and highly varied overall, ranging from crossing a mud ditch to climbing the notorious ‘Everest’, a four-metre quarter pipe set at a steep angle.

While many of these obstacles were designed to be overcome as a team, others meant participants had to fight through deep mud alone. Runners’ shoes were completely soaked after the first couple of kilometres and their clothing caked in mud after tackling several obstacles. Happily, the water obstacles, for instance the slide into the ice-water ditch, provided an opportunity to wash off some of the mud and continue the race with wet but fresher kit.

On the day the weather was on the runners’ side, with plenty of sunshine and a pleasant running temperature. The spectators and the race officials placed around the course constantly cheered the runners on, giving them a welcome dose of motivation.

At the end of the course, crossing the finish line was not only the crowning achievement of a sporting challenge, it also gave the runners access to an enclosure where the finishers could proudly raise an isotonic drink to toast their success with their teammates. After an enjoyable end to the event on-site we all boarded the coach and journeyed back to Hamburg together.

Tough Mudder 2018 was a complete success and was characterised by an excellent atmosphere throughout. Our thanks to HELM for giving us the opportunity to take part in this year’s event – and with a view to next year, we hope there will be lots of us at the start line once again!

Philip Tkacz 
(Nordakademie Dual Student)