07/18/2020: Every year an average of 16 new trainees start at HELM AG. With three years’ trainee intakes active in parallel, that means a considerable number of employees who are gathering very similar experiences and who can offer each other valuable support.

In each annual intake different characters come together directly, independently of their traineeship focus or course of studies, and quickly begin an exchange not only on a professional but also on a personal level.
However, cross-intake communication often only takes place via the vocational college or university. 

In the Project Management module at the Hamburg School of Business Administration we had the opportunity to close this gap, and to encourage and require communication amongst all of us in future. In the university-course phase of our Dual Studies we drew up a draft concept for a new communication platform, got to grips with the technical prerequisites, and considered which key functions would be essential. Our constant guide was the question: “What would have helped us 18 months ago – and what would we like for the time that remains?”

To get the other trainees on board from the word go, we carried out a survey to find out the wishes and requirements of our fellow trainees.                                      
Armed with these insights and a whole lot of suggestions we got down to work together with IT and tested various layouts, functions and options on the Microsoft Teams platform. Following a joint final test with our Department Head the platform was approved and the project declared a success. From that moment on, the platform has enabled us to share not only information about the Company but also helpful tips and tricks regarding the theoretical part of our training and respective Dual Studies courses.
Alongside all this useful stuff, we make sure the personal side doesn’t fall short. We’re continually organizing new events and meet-ups, and communicating these via the platform.

To ensure the platform continues to meet the needs of new trainee intakes in future, and that it will be continually improved and developed further, responsibility for this will stay 100% in the hands of the trainees. We are independently responsible for making sure that the functions are used actively, that unimportant or out-of-date information is corrected or deleted, and that this new method of communication is also passed on to the trainee intakes yet to come.

Because as everyone at HELM knows: Together we’ll make it.

Lena Herden – Dual Studies Business Administration, 2nd Year
Alicia Ladwig – Dual Studies Business Administration, 2nd Year
Anton Karnick – Dual Studies Business Administration, 2nd Year
Kyra Wenzlawski – Dual Studies Business Administration, 2nd Year