Graduate in business administration, specialising in foreign trade

The three-year training includes both the final examination to become a merchant in business administration, wholesale and foreign trade – specialising in the latter – before the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the additional examination for graduates in business administration in foreign trade. For this reason, it represents an excellent alternative to studying business management at a university. The theoretical section of vocational training is offered at day and night school at the “Institute for Foreign Trade”, Hamburg, and also comprises a two-week certificate course at the “European College of Business and Management” in London.

The primary task of the practical part of vocational training is to acquire knowledge of international procurement and sales of chemical feedstocks and pharmaceutical active ingredients. In addition to commercial expertise, training is also given to boost such qualities as openness, leadership skills, negotiating capabilities and organisational skills.

This training starts on the first of August of each year.


  • the German equivalent of A levels (Abitur)
  • a very good command of English and fundamentals of at least one other foreign language
  • basic mathematical comprehension
  • an interest in economic contexts
  • team capability, communication strength and open-mindedness

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