Merchants for forwarding and logistics services

HELM transports 13 million tonnes of product worldwide

Safe, reliable transport that arrives on time is a key success factor for the company in combination with efficient logistics. The employees responsible for this therefore need to be highly qualified.

As forwarding and logistics services specialists, you will organise the worldwide dispatch of products from our suppliers’ facilities to our customers or warehouse locations. Goods handling is part of this organisation just as much as storage, order picking and downstream transport to the end consumer. Throughout, you will take into account differing requirements for all modes of transport, from ocean-going vessels to trucks, and connect the various participants in the logistics service with a reliable and transparent supply chain. Similarly, you will consider and implement the specific requirements for different products and industries.

The interdependencies between international trade and the requirements of customs legislation, sales tax law and foreign trade tasks form the basis of your day-to-day business. You will communicate with both German and foreign business partners, service providers and customers; some of your communication will be in English, while Spanish, French or other foreign languages may also be useful. You can expect practice-based training with an internationally oriented shipper who works with a variety of logistics service providers from all modes of transport.

The practical part at HELM is complemented by study at the Vocational School for Forwarding, Logistics & Transport in Hamburg.

If you would like to apply for an apprenticeship by us, please use the job advertisements on our job portal.