Bachelor Studies in Computer Science

Dual studies in computer science and business management in cooperation with the NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Science

You would like to combine classical technical college studies with practical training? If so, then come and join us! You will soon be integrated into the operational work of a foreign trade company operating on a global scale. At the same time you will acquire theoretical expertise at the technical training college. The innovative, dual bachelor course of study in the field of computer science thus provides you the optimal combination of theory and practice.

In the course of the bachelor studies, practical phases in the company will be substituted by regular theory phases at the technical training college, with students being given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with all the different departments of the IT division during the practical part of their training. In supplementation, they acquire the theoretical knowledge in the course of studying computer science at the technical training college NORDAKADEMIE in Elmshorn.

Studies take 3.5 years, of which seven semesters of 10 weeks each are spent at the technical training college. 

These studies start on the first of August of each year.


  • good A levels
  • a very good command of English
  • a very good mathematical comprehension
  • an interest in economic contexts
  • a sense of commitment, determination and a high level of flexibility
  • team capability, communication strength and open-mindedness

If you would like to apply for an dual study by us, please use the job advertisements on our job portal.