Company restaurant

Peter Weise is chef de cuisine of the company restaurant at HELM AG, referred to internally as "Casino". Together with his crew of seven, he prepares appetizing and high-quality meals each day for the company’s staff, which fulfill modern nutritional standards.

He already knows today what will be served in two weeks’ time. "Organisation is the name of the game", explains Peter Weise. Each Monday, the chef de cuisine compiles the menu for the week after next. Meals are subsidised by HELM to a great extent. Accordingly, each member of staff can choose from two complete meals including a vegetarian alternative for only 2.50 euro.

Each day at 7 a.m., fresh products are supplied

Peter always ensures that there is a well-balanced mix of fish, meat and side orders. "Fruit is particularly popular here", says the chef. "Salads as well as raw vegetables complement the range on offer." However, the desserts created by the trained cook and confectioner also meet with a brisk response. For vegetarians, Weise prepares different vegetarian rissoles each day, freshly pan-fried immediately after being ordered.

Each day at 7 a.m, the fresh products for the "Casino" are supplied to Nordkanalstrasse, where chef de cuisine Peter and his staff take delivery of them. During the team discussion every morning, everyone can communicate with one another before work begins at the cooker. Everyone has their assigned tasks: cleaning and cutting up vegetables, frying meat, preparing salads, decorating desserts – there is always plenty to do. After all, up to 600 persons want to be fed here every day.

Incidentally, the highly-skilled chef de cuisine is also delighted to pass on his expertise as a trainer. He is a member of the examining committee of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and a lecturer at the State Vocational Training School G 11.

“Organisation is the name of the game.”