Travel expense allowance

To get to work, Timo Tumuscheit uses the Profiticket issued by the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV), which runs public transport in Hamburg. He receives an allowance for his job ticket from HELM AG. His “All-inclusive-ticket” allows the Product Manager to travel within the greater Hamburg region at a reduced price and offers a number of additional advantages as well.

Timo Tumuscheit doesn’t have to cover many kilometres on his way to work. After all, he commutes from Neustadt, near the city centre, to the district of Hammerbrook, where the headquarters of HELM AG are located. Nevertheless, as an employee, it is worth him using the HVV-Profiticket, which his employer provides at a reasonable price.

“I often visit family and friends in Wedel, which is outside of the city boundaries – the ticket is certainly worth it because it covers this area as well,” says Timo. And what’s more, at weekends and on public holidays he can take one adult and up to three children below the age of 14 with him. In addition, he also takes advantage of the special conditions for using the red city bicycles which can be hired out at many locations in Hamburg. “This keeps me mobile all the time, even without having a car,” explains the Product Manager. He even relies on public transport for business travel. “During rush-hour traffic, for instance, it’s quicker to take the S-Bahn urban railway to the airport in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel than a taxi.”

Another advantage of the Profiticket, in his view, lies in the fact that it takes care of itself. HELM AG manages all the formalities in connection with this subscription specially geared towards large customers. The monthly payment is offset against his salary. “I don’t have to travel specially to the HVV customer centre and, instead, all I have to do is pick up my ticket once a year from the company – I find that very practical,” says Timo. “When all is said and done, the Profiticket saves me time and money.”

“I am mobile all the time, even without having a car.”