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HELM AG partners with Bi-PA (Biological Products for Agriculture) NV

HELM AG and Bi-PA NV announce to enter into a strategic partnership. The new relationship between Bi-PA and HELM will allow HELM to access alternative crop production products in selected regions underlining both companies’ commitments towards sustainable agriculture by supplying innovative solutions answering grower needs to the market.

Janneke Menzel

Janneke Menzel

Manager External Communication

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Lina Ebel

Lina Ebel

Corporate Communications Manager

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Londerzeel, Belgium and Hamburg, Germany (November 22, 2022)

Bi-PA NV (“Bi-PA”) and HELM AG (“HELM”) have agreed on a long-term partnership as of November 2022, following HELM´s strategy to become a leading global player in innovative crop solutions.

The partnership will focus on bringing selected Bi-PA products to US, Brazil, Mexico / LAN and Argentina. Details on products and additional markets will be shared in the near future. Holger Berg, Global New Business Manager at HELM outlines the importance of accessing new technologies: “Biologics are an additional tool in sustainable agriculture with high adoption rates resulting in market growth rates significantly above the overall agrochemical market. This growth is expected to continue and benefits from the drivers and market trends in the agri-food value chain outlined below as:

  • Demand for safe and “sustainably sourced” food
  • Stronger focus on food quality, healthy nutrition and well being
  • Year-round demand increases global trade of fresh produce
  • Increasing regulation and registration requirements for crop protection products
  • Global retailers expect sustainable agricultural production
  • Rising importance of partnerships along food value chain
  • Innovation needed to drive integrated crop solutions

Biologicals complement our crop product portfolio, will help us meet customer needs by enhancing integrated pest management and improving resistance management and therefore bring benefits for growers and the Food Value Chain.”

The collaboration with Bi-PA is another piece in the HELM strategy to move the HELM portfolio towards a more sustainable system. Bi-PA is a science lead innovator in the biologicals and alternative crop protection industry, located in Londerzeel, Belgium. Bi-PA is very aware of the changing needs in the global agricultural market and strives continually to provide innovative solutions.

As agriculture continues to respond to environmental challenges and legislative pressures, farmers need to find new ways to produce more from less. As a result of the distribution agreement HELM will not only get access to finished marketable products but will also share in Bi-PA’s current and future pipeline for marketing, and Bi-PA tools for new hybrid portfolio development, offering the opportunity to combining existing HELM AIs with BiPA technologies.
The distribution agreement with Bi-PA alongside the continued work with Unium and other companies in the quickly developing area of biologicals and alternative chemistry solidifies HELM position as a global expert within the crop production environment.

About Bi-PA
Biological Products for Agriculture (Bi-PA) develops, registers and implements innovative crop protection solutions for integrated pest management (IPM). Bi-PA translates
innovative research to an IPM solution, both own research and research of third parties. For the basic research as well as the commercialization of those products, Bi-PA is
working together with respectively Universities and Research Institutes and distribution partners worldwide. Bi-PA is based in Londerzeel (Belgium), holds several patents on novel products and employs 7 people. To learn more about Bi-PA, please reference the company’s web site at www.bi-pa.com.

About HELM
HELM is a Hamburg, Germany, based family-owned company established in 1900. HELM is one of the world’s largest chemicals marketing companies and committed to providing solutions to its partners worldwide that support a successful transformation to a sustainable economy and society. The company secures access to the world’s key
markets through its specific regional knowledge and its multinational presence. As a multifunctional marketing organization HELM is active in the chemicals industry, in the
crop protection industry, in pharmaceuticals and in the fertilizer industry.