HELM AG receives certification for outstanding trustworthiness

New AEO status enables simplified Customs processing

Stefan Adam

Dr. Stefan Adam

Executive Manager

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Hamburg - May 31, 2016

Companies that receive Customs certification as an Authorized Economic  Operator (AEO) are absolutely trustworthy and benefit from simplified Customs processing. HELM AG has held this status since 17 May 2016. “This certification can be seen as a ‘knighthood’ from the Customs”, explains Klaus Wessing, Head of Logistics at HELM AG. “It greatly simplifies our collaboration with customers and business partners on a European level, and is increasingly recognized by countries beyond the EU such as China and the USA.”

The certification was the result of a comprehensive prior audit. HELM is the first company in Hamburg, Germany to receive this coveted status, following the introduction of the European Union’s new Customs Code and subsequent inspection by the City of Hamburg’s Main Customs Office.

HELM received twin certification as AEO C (Customs) and AEO S (Security). This represents equal status with the previous AEO F (Full) status, which is no longer awarded since the new Customs Code came into force.

Amongst other audit criteria, an AEO is required to prove that the goods it ships are protected against unauthorised access throughout the entire logistics chain, and that it reliably and securely stores customer data. Furthermore, the auditors also check aspects such as the company’s creditworthiness and internal error management.