Girls’ and Boys’ Day

HELM AG opens its offices, laboratories and storage facilities to 27 schoolchildren on “Girls’ and Boys’ Day”

Hamburg - April 23, 2015

Chemicals? Retail? Marketing? What is the meaning behind these commonly used terms and how significant are they in terms of HELM’s day-to-day operations? These questions were raised today by 27 schoolchildren from Hamburg on the occasion of the “Girls’ and Boys’ Day” held at HELM. Staff members of the Chemicals, Pharma, Fertilizers and Crop Protection business units answered questions raised by the young visitors.

Sharing thoughts and participation was called for; a rally through the main premises of HELM AG in Nordkanalstrasse enabled the students to acquaint themselves with the various business units of the chemicals marketing company: laboratories, retail units and warehouses. All staff members of the respective business units – from trainees to managing directors – provided the schoolchildren with an exciting insight into their day-to-day work.

Hans-Christian Sievers, Chairman of the Executive Board of HELM AG, was delighted with the brisk turnout: “The “Girls’ and Boys’ Day” has become a permanent fixture in HELM company calendar: We want to give young people the opportunity to gain an insight into companies while they are still at school and – in a best-case scenario – instil enthusiasm for the wide range of career options offered by HELM. We certainly seem to have succeeded in doing that today!”