Press Release: HELM AG acquires Spanish distributor GEBLASA, S.A.

HELM AG has developed the marketing of Acids and Lyes to one of its core activities in the field of chemicals. To support its future growth GEBLASA, S.A. will enhance HELM’s strong position in the Mediterranean Region.

Hamburg/ Germany, Madrid/ Spain
April 28, 2014

GEBLASA, S.A. is a privately owned company, which is specialized in the distribution of Acids and Lyes as well as Solvents in the Spanish market. GEBLASA, S.A. covers a wide range of applications including the nutrition, paper, cleaning agents and metal industry.

Axel Viering, Executive Director of the Business Unit Derivatives of HELM AG, points out: “HELM is delighted about the opportunity to acquire GEBLASA, S.A. They have an excellent reputation in the Spanish market and our target is to continue growing the business GEBLASA, S.A. and its team have developed successfully over decades. Besides growing our Acids and Lyes business organically we will continue to look out for possible acquisitions to support our growth strategy across Europe.”

Julio Sacristán, Shareholder and CEO of GEBLASA, S.A., adds: “First, we must emphasize above all the good atmosphere of understanding present throughout the negotiations, which has led to a model integration in respect for what GEBLASA and its staff represent. Additionally we would like to thank our institutional suppliers for having ensured their continuity and the confidence shown in the future of GEBLASA within the HELM AG. And we also thank our customers for the good reception given to this deal and assure them that we will continue as always giving the best service, which will improve significantly being part of the HELM organization.”