“REACH-EN-FORCE 3” – test passed with flying colours

Pursuant to the Europe-wide "REACH-EN-FORCE 3" project, HELM AG was tested by the Hamburg Health and Consumer Production Authority in order to establish whether the company is in compliance with the Chemicals Ordinance REACH.

Hamburg - May 8, 2013

In the process, the focus is on importers and merchants. Using data records of the customs authorities and with the aid of a questionnaire, it was tested whether HELM is in compliance with its registration duties. The department responsible is proud to report that all audit aspects and questions were answered to the full satisfaction of the public authority. Thanks to an early definition of the process chain to ensure compliance with the registration obligations, HELM AG made the necessary adjustments to be in conformity with its statutory duties. This forward-looking action ensures safety – both for the company’s marketing departments and amongst its customers.