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    CAS-Nr.: 108-94-1
    EINECS-Nr.: 203-631-1



    Cyclohexanone is used in the production of caprolactam. It is a solvent for paints and resins and is used in the leather industry. It is also a constituent part of paint strippers.

    Peter Harders

    Executive Manager

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    Cyclohexanone belongs to the group of cyclic ketones. Its main application is as a precursor for caprolactam, which is used in the production of synthetic fibres. It is also a very good solvent. HELM AG has been selling cyclohexanone for many years, working with a range of manufacturers capable of supplying a high-quality product. HELM has access to production locations in Asia, North America and Europe, resulting in a sound competitive position.

    Examples of applications

    Fields of application are as precursors for varnishes, PVC, paints and resins. The substance is also used in the leather industry and is found in printing inks and paint strippers. In addition, cyclohexanone has applications in the crop protection and pharmaceuticals industries.


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