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Also known under the product name:

  • Cyanoguanidine
  • DCDA

CAS-Nr.: 461-58-5
EINECS-Nr.: 207-312-8



Amongst other fields of application, dicyandiamide is used as a flame retardant.

Ekkehard Kloevekorn

Ekkehard Kloevekorn

Executive Manager

Tel +49 40 2375-1200

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Dicyandiamide is a white crystalline powder marketed with a purity of 99.5%. We supply dicyandiamide in packaging of various sizes from our warehouses in the Benelux region.

Examples of applications

Dicyandiamide is used as a flame retardant in the paper, timber and textile industries. It also serves as a synthesis component in the pharmaceuticals industry and in the production of fertilizers, as a hardener for epoxy resins, as a condensation product for water treatment processes, and as a stabiliser compound for PVC flooring.


  • 25 kg bags palletised
  • 500 kg Big bags palletised
  • 1000 kg Big bags palletised

Other packaging solutions possible by agreement.

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