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Lithium Polysilicate

    CAS-Nr.: 7732-18-5


    Lithium Polysilicate

    This product complements the colloidal silica series of products (Ludox®) from the Grace Davison company and was developed specifically for inorganic coating applications.

    Oliver Leptien

    Executive Manager

    Tel +49 40 2375-1220

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    Lithium polysilicate is a compound containing a large proportion of silicate. It combines a great many of the valuable properties of soluble silicates and colloidal silicic acids. Lithium polysilicate is an odourless, aqueous, non-flammable and highly temperature-resistant inorganic binding agent. Thanks to the unique distribution of the various particles sizes, partly ionic and partly colloidal, lithium polysilicate is able to achieve significantly improved results in terms of film formation and binding than conventional colloidal silicic acids.


    Examples of applications

    Lithium polysilicate is used in high-performance zinc coatings in industrial and marine applications requiring high pigment density, excellent binding characteristics and water resistance. Lithium polysilicate is also used in refractory applications, powder coatings, catalysts and inorganic paint systems.


    • 1.149 kg Liquid container

    Other packaging solutions possible by agreement.

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