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Potassium Peroxomonosulphate

Also known under the product name:

  • Oxone

CAS-Nr.: 70693-62-8
EINECS-Nr.: 274-778-7


Potassium Peroxomonosulphate

Oxone is a peroxide in the form of a white, flowable solid and mainly serves as a chlorinefree, easy-to-handle oxidant.

Ekkehard Kloevekorn

Ekkehard Kloevekorn

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Oxone contains a strong peroxide as an oxidizing agent and has a high redox potential. It is supplied as a white, flowable powder, which typically contains 4.5–4.7% active oxygen. The use of Oxone makes it possible to produce a predictable, stable etching rate for improved control of processes. Oxone is also used as a micro etching agent in the surface preparation of copper laminates.

Examples of applications

Its unique combination of properties allows Oxone to be used in a wide range of applications. As an oxidizing agent, Oxone is as suitable for processes of chemical synthesis as it is for use in swimming pools and spa facilities. Oxone also finds application as a bleaching and cleaning additive for textiles and dentures, and as an etching agent in surface treatments.


  • 25 kg bags

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