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Sodium Hydrosulfite

Also known under the product name:

  • Sodium Dithionite

CAS-Nr.: 7775-14-6
EINECS-Nr.: 231-890-0


Sodium Hydrosulfite

Sodium Hydrosulfite is a strong reducing agent in form of a free flowing white crystalline powder.

Oliver Leptien

Executive Manager

Tel +49 40 2375-1220

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Sodium Hydrosulfite has the formula Na2S2O4 and is also called Sodium Dithionite, as it is the sodium salt of dithionous acid. It is a white crystalline powder, whose bulk density is about 0.85 - 0.95 kg/ l. Sodium Hydrosulfite has a strong reducing and bleaching power and is therefore used in the paper and textile industry. In the paper industry it can be used in single- or in two-stage processes, depending on the brightness to reach. In the textile industry it removes dyestuffs from fibres and can be used for cleaning of dyeing equipments.

As Sodium Hydrosulfite is effective in removing iron from clay, it is also applied in minerals treatment and clay bleaching industry. Synthetic polymers and organic synthesis are additional industries were it is applied.

HELM is already for decades active in the various industries and can therefore support the customers with a wide service range.

Product benefits

  • Sustainable production
  • Higher level of whiteness
  • Titandioxide extender


  • 1000 kg container
  • 2000 kg container
  • 50 kg drum
  • 100 kg drum

Special services associated with the product:

  • Support on research and development
  • Global logistics and sales channels
  • Distribution services

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