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Sodium Sulphate

    CAS-Nr.: 7757-82-6
    EINECS-Nr.: 231-820-9


    Sodium Sulphate

    Sodium sulphate is a white, crystalline product, also known as Glauber’s salt.

    Peter Harders

    Executive Manager

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    Sodium sulphate is a by-product in the production of rayon. It is produced by means of additional processing steps such as crystallisation, centrifugation and evaporation.

    Sodium sulphate has a long shelf life, provided it is kept dry and protected from light and heat. By offering a range of packaging options, HELM can assist customers in the use of the product for further processing.

    Examples of applications

    Sodium sulphate finds application in the glass industry, where it is used to prevent the formation of bubbles. The product is also found in laundry detergents and cleaning agents, where it controls the formation of sediment. In the food industry, sodium sulphate is used to treat potable water, and as a carrier substance for food dyes.


    • 25 kg bags
    • 50 kg bags
    • 500 kg big bags
    • 1,000 kg big bags
    • Loose in bulk

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