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Fluroxane® 180 EC

Also known under the product name:

  • Fluroxypyr-meptyl (180 g/l Fluroxypyr)


Fluroxane® 180 EC

Systemic herbicide for post-emergence control of broad-leaved weeds in cereals. The active substance provides excellent control of cleavers.

Meike Lilie

Senior Product Manager

Phone +49 40 2375-1381

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FLUROXANE® 180 EC controls wide range of common annual broad-leaved weeds in cereals. It offers excellent efficacy against cleavers. FLUROXANE® 180 EC is registered for use in spring and winter cereals. The product may be applied either in spring (post-emergence) or autumn (late treatment of winter cereals).

For a faster uptake of the active substance FLUROXANE® 180 EC is applied to fully emerged weeds with sufficient amount of leaf surface. The active substance is rapidly taken up via the leaves and translocated within the plant. It induces characteristic auxin type responses (e.g. leaf curling). FLUROXANE® 180 EC is rain-fast one hour after spraying.

Application rates:

Winter cereals (triticale, -wheat, -rye, -barley): 1 l/ha post-emergence in autumn

Winter cereals (triticale, -wheat, -rye, -barley): 1 l/ha post-emergence in spring

Spring cereals (wheat, -barley, -oats): 1 l/ha post-emergence in spring

Required rate of water: 200-400 l/ha. Maximum one application per year.


Product benefits

  • Reliable fast effect
  • No pre-harvest interval necessary
  • Excellent crop tolerance
  • Tank-mix compatible with most plant protection products
  • Rain-fast 1 hour after application
  • No restrictions in crop rotation


  • 1 l bottle (12 bottles per card)
  • 5 l canister (4 canisters per card)

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