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Helosate® 450 TF

Also known under the product name:

  • Glyphosate 450 g/l


Helosate® 450 TF

Helosate® 450 TF – a non-selective, broad-spectrum, systemic herbicide for control of annual and perennial weeds and grasses. Registered in arable crop situations including pre-harvest applications, in vineyards, orchards and on grassland.

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HELOSATE® 450 TF is a non-selective herbicide with broad action and excellent efficacy against annual and perennial weeds and grasses. The innovative formulation excels at an increased concentration of Glyphosate, 450 g/l or 25% more than standard 360 g/l products. The tallowamine free product bears no hazardous product classification.

HELOSATE® 450 TF is applied as a stubble treatment or to facilitate the harvest of cereals and oilseed rape. Other areas of use include row treatments in orchards and vineyards or no-till grassland renovation.

The active ingredient Glyphosate is rapidly absorbed by the plants’ foliage and green stems and translocated to all growing parts including persistent underground organs. The die-off starts within 24 hours after the application. Favourable growing conditions (elevated temperature and humidity) accelerate the performance. HELOSATE® 450 TF becomes rain-fast within hours after spraying.

Application rates:

Arable crops: Stubble/post-harvest application 4 l/ha

Cereals: Desiccation 4 l/ha

Winter oilseed rape: Late treatment 2,5 l/ha

Orchards, vineyards: Spring application 4 l/ha

Meadows, pastures: 4 l/ha.

New application rules and regulations for crop protection products containing glyphosate as an active ingredient:

The German Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (Bundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit – BVL) has issued new application rules and regulations for crop protection products containing the active ingredient glyphosate. They restrict the volume of active ingredient administered per annum and specify the approved late applications in cereal more precisely.

Within a given calendar year, treatment with crop protection products containing glyphosate may be carried out no more than twice at an interval of at least 90 days, with the total permitted application of active ingredient being no more than 3.6 kg per hectare per annum.

According to a further application regulation, late applications in cereal are only allowed in partial areas on which, due to penetration of weeds in lodged crops or second formation of shoots in lodged or standing crops, harvesting would otherwise not be possible.

Source: Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (2014).

Product benefits

  • Highly concentrated formulation: 450 g/l Glyphosate.
  • Tallowamine free formulation (TF = Tallowamine free).
  • Easy and economically efficient to use.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Strong and fast effect.
  • Short turnaround times in grassland renovation (5 days for annual and 7-10 days for perennial grass and weeds).
  • Not harmful to bees.
  • No hazardous classification.


  • 20-l canister (32 canisters per pallet)

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