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Tribun® 75 WG

Also known under the product name:

  • Tribenuron-methyl 750 g/kg


Tribun® 75 WG

Tribun® 75 WG – your herbicide for the control of a broad spectrum of weeds in cereals. Particularly known for its excellent and secure control of thistle and cornflower.

Meike Lilie

Senior Product Manager

Phone +49 40 2375-1381

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TRIBUN® 75 WG is a post-emergence herbicide offering excellent control of a wide range of broad-leaved annual weeds – except cleavers and speedwell species - in spring and winter cereals. TRIBUN® 75 WG stands for reliable performance in combination with good crop tolerance and tank-mix compatibility.

The active substance is taken up by foliage and roots and translocated throughout the plant, inhibiting the weed’s growth and hence preventing it from competing with the crop. The dying-off process varies according to weather conditions. TRIBUN® 75 WG is most effective when applied to small and actively growing weeds.

Application rates:

Spring application in winterwheat, -rye, -triticale, -barley 40 g/ha

Spring application in springwheat, -barley, oats 30 g/ha

Fall application in winterwheat, -rye, -triticale, -barley 20 g/ha

Max. one application per crop / per year.


Product benefits

  • Highly concentrated formulation
  • Easy handling thanks to granular formulation and low application rates
  • Fast and effective foliar and root uptake of an active ingredient
  • Excellent tolerance due to rapid metabolisation of the active substance in the cereal crop
  • No restrictions in crop rotation
  • Tank-mix compatible with other herbicides, fungicides, insecticides


  • 100 g bottle (10 bottles per card)
  • 1 kg bottle (10 bottles per card)

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