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Crop Protection

The HELM AG manufactures and distributes crop protection products worldwide. Top-quality products and reliable partnerships are the core values of our corporate culture with over 120-year history. All the used active substances are widely researched and have been successfully used for many years; many of them have been further developed via introduction of new formulated products.

Innovative mixtures with tested active ingredients have not only been successfully introduced in the market but also further enhanced our product portfolio. At the same time we keep focusing on the crops where we can cover a wider application range. Efficient products and new formulations are the basis of our success. Local presence with just-in-time delivery, constant information and know-how exchange on global commodity flows and trends in crop protection area as well as supply of products with premium quality labeling and customized packaging concepts are the foundation of the long-term partnership with our customers.

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Dave Schumacher

Dave Schumacher

Executive Vice President Crop Solutions