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Thanks to storage facilities close to our sales outlets and a wide product range, the business line Fertilizer is firmly established in key agricultural markets.

In 1972 HELM started the fertilizer distribution and marketing. Today, the business line Fertilizer within HELM AG is one of the leading trading and marketing organisations with a wide range of top-quality products in the field of crop nutrition. The business line supports both producers and distributors in the countries to meet their purchasing and supply commitments.

The international coverage comprises:

  • Global presence
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Own production facilities
  • Logistics infrastructure
  • Special transport facilities - depending on the products

With regional branches in Hamburg/ Germany (responsible for Europe, Africa and the Middle East), Tampa/ USA (responsible for North, South and Central America), Singapore and Shanghai/ China (responsible for Asia) and a distribution network that spans the four corners of the globe, the business line ensures that the fertilizers arrive where they are needed. The aim is to bring the producer as close as possible and competitively to the end consumer.

In addition to the existing international infrastructure with marketing offices, terminals and distribution hubs, the business line has reinforced its commitment on the fertilizer market by commissioning its very first own production facility in Trinidad & Tobago as part of a joint venture. With a liquid nitrogen fertilizer capacity of meanwhile 1.6 million mt per annum, the facility is one of the most advanced and cost-efficient of its kind.

Participation in production was a key step, underscoring the efforts of the business line Fertilizer to create a direct link between the producer and the distributor in each country at the actual place of application.

Product groups:

Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potassium, Specialities

Dave Schumacher

Dave Schumacher

Executive Vice President Crop Solutions