Andreas Woschek

Andreas Woschek

Executive Vice President Chemicals

Sulphuric Acid

Sulphuric acid is used in a wide range of applications and in different industry sectors. The main application is the production of fertilizers.


Elemental sulphur is produced in big quantities during the desulphurisation of natural gas and crude oil. The sulphur is converted into a mineral acid, sulphuric acid, in a series of processes. Sulphuric acid is a colourless, viscuous and slightly oily liquid that is highly corrosive. Its concentration of 96% - 98% depends on the time of year (winter/summer).

Sulphuric acid is classified as a hazardous substance.

Examples of applications

The main application for sulphuric acid is in fertilizer production: phosphates and ammonium sulphate fertilizers are made with this product. Sulphuric acid is also used in water treatment and in the food industry as an acidifier, to adjust or neutralise the pH-value (e.g., in swimming pools). Sulphuric acid also finds application in the production of paper, in car batteries, for sulphation processes, in the production of titanium dioxide and in fluorine chemistry. The product is also used in various cleaning processes.


  • Bulk in seagoing vessels / barges
  • Bulk in rail tank cars
  • Bulk in road tank cars
  • Bulk in iso tank containers
  • In drums or ibc


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