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Carbon Negative Chemical Manufacturer “Again” Partners with HELM for Sales of Acetic Acid

Climate tech startup Again announces its partnership with the globally operating chemicals organization HELM for the distribution and sales of its first product, acetic acid

Janneke Menzel

Janneke Menzel

Manager External Communication

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Berlin, February 6, 2024

The 10-year contract will combine HELM’s 120 years of experience and global distribution network to the first 50,000 tonnes of acetic acid production with Again's technical strengths in fermenting waste CO2 emissions.

Both Again and HELM share strong commitments to sustainability and actively decarbonizing chemical value chains. Their collaboration will enable customers across industries access to highly desired, market competitive, and low carbon footprint chemical products.

“At HELM, we are highly committed to promoting sustainability and incorporating products from low carbon emitting technologies into our operations,” said Andreas Woschek, Executive Vice President Chemicals at HELM. “The long-term partnership between Again and HELM will introduce the innovative technology of Again via HELM’s supply chain expertise and market know how to the chemical markets."

For Again, this agreement represents an important step in ramping up production and commercializing their groundbreaking bio-based climate technology, and as a trusted partner to one of the largest independent chemical companies worldwide.

“Our partnership with HELM is a very exciting milestone,” said Max Kufner, Co-founder of Again. “With Again’s technology and HELM’s long standing position in the global chemical industry, we can work together to bring our CO2-made products to global markets. Most importantly, this agreement showcases a clear market demand in the market for what we do, which means we’ll be able to capture even more carbon to convert into useful products well into the future.”

About Again
Again is the first carbon negative chemical manufacturer that can scale to meet global demand. By combining millennia-old bacteria with cutting-edge technology, Again turns CO2 into carbon negative chemicals. Their novel biomanufacturing process collects the unavoidable carbon outputs from industry and reuses them to manufacture emission-free chemicals. If you think we’re doomed – think Again.
For more information, visit again.bio.

About HELM
HELM is a Hamburg, Germany, based family-owned company established in 1900. With up to 100 subsidiaries and participations in more than 30 countries, HELM is one of the largest independent chemical companies worldwide. HELM is committed to providing solutions that help its partners to tackle the reduction of CO2 emissions and the loss of biodiversity. Through its global presence, the company also strives to create positive impact in local societies around the world. HELM’s partnerships in Lithium, bio-based BDO, and digital tools supporting an efficient agriculture are recent examples, which support that goal. HELM is active in the chemicals and energy materials industry as well as agriculture and pharmaceuticals.