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HELM AG enters partnership with Government of Malaysia for Digital Agri technology

HELM AG (“HELM”) welcomes a newly agreed technology partnership with the Malaysian governmental institutions. The parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, agreeing to immediate, free-of-charge access to HELM’s digital farming technologies for the Malaysian agriculture.

Janneke Menzel

Janneke Menzel

Manager External Communication

Janneke.Menzel@helmag.com Business Card

Malaysia, September 5th, 2023

The widespread adoption of HELM`s digital solutions will help Malaysia elevate its agricultural productivity and increase sustainability by reducing the overall environmental impact of farming. HELM provides the technology plus technical support, allowing the unrestricted use of all Digital Agri Solutions from HELM, specifically PLANTIX and SKYFLD. SKYFLD monitors crop health from above through satellite images, using the data to improve yields via targeted treatment and application. The digital app PLANTIX is based on artificial intelligence that recognizes plant pests, diseases, and nutritional deficits to enable farmers and agronomists to farm more efficiently and sustainably.

The agreement is an important step for HELM to further strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia. Malaysia with its economic growth and favourable business environment is a perfect regional hub. The partnership is in line with HELM’s engagement in Malaysia, following the investment into the specialty chemical producer SPCI. Within the partnership, German-based HELM wants to gain a deeper understanding of local practices to help identifying the best use cases for Malaysia.

“We are proud to partner with the Malaysian government. I believe we all will benefit from a thriving agricultural economy. With this partnership, we aim to increase agricultural productivity across the country, support farmers and thereby contribute socially and environmentally by reducing the footprint of agriculture,” says Stephan Schnabel, CEO of HELM.

Both parties have agreed to review the results of the first phase of the partnership by the end of 2023. The agreement fully conforms to the compliance guidelines of the Malaysian government regarding data protection and privacy.

HELM is a Hamburg, Germany, based family-owned company established in 1900. With up to 100 subsidiaries and participations in more than 30 countries, HELM is one of the largest independent chemical companies worldwide. HELM is committed to providing solutions that help its partners to tackle the reduction of CO2 emissions and the loss of biodiversity. Through its global presence, the company also strives to create positive impact in local societies around the world. HELM’s partnerships in Lithium, bio-based BDO, and digital tools supporting an efficient agriculture are recent examples, which support that goal. HELM is active in the chemicals and energy materials industry as well as agriculture and pharmaceuticals.