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HELM AG partners up with badminton star Viktor Axelsen

With power into the next partnership: The reigning number one in the badminton world Viktor Axelsen and the family-owned company HELM AG from Hamburg enter a new cooperation.

Lina Ebel

Lina Ebel

Corporate Communications Manager

Lina.Ebel@helmag.com Business Card

Copenhagen, 22.08.2023

Since July, HELM has been Viktor Axelsen's main sponsor and the HELM logo is visible on his jersey at all matches worldwide, except for the Olympic Games and other advertising-free tournaments.
"I am very happy to have gained a new partner in HELM. With this powerful family business, I share a common set of values. We both focus on the next generation and are internationally oriented. The new sponsorship strengthens me, and I am sure that with the people behind HELM this is the right partner for me”, says the current Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen.

Strong partnerships and team cohesion are not only essential in sports, but also reflect the "Powerful impact through Partnerships" leitmotif of the Germany-based chemical company HELM.

"Partnerships lay the foundation of our daily doing and are part of our HELM DNA. During our first talks, it became clear quickly that HELM and Viktor have a lot in common and that the partnership is a true match - not only on the court”, laughs Stephan Schnabel, CEO of HELM.

“We are very much looking forward to this new partnership with Viktor and his team and all that will come up with it. Celebrating the start of the partnership with the opening of the World Championships is just great. We wish Viktor the very best of luck and will of course be cheering him on."

HELM ‘s aim of the sponsorship is to benefit from Viktor’s high popularity, particularly in Asia, to further strengthen HELM's presence and the associated visibility in the Asian market to enter new partnerships.

About HELM
HELM is a Hamburg, Germany, based family-owned company established in 1900. With up to 100 subsidiaries and participations in more than 30 countries, HELM is one of the largest independent chemical companies worldwide. HELM is committed to providing solutions that help its partners to tackle the reduction of CO2 emissions and the loss of biodiversity. Through its global presence, the company also strives to create positive impact in local societies around the world. HELM’s partnerships in Lithium, bio-based BDO, and digital tools supporting an efficient agriculture are recent examples, which support that goal.
HELM is active in the chemicals and energy materials industry as well as agriculture and pharmaceuticals.

About Viktor Axelsen
Viktor Axelsen is a worldwide badminton player. Still number one in the world after almost two years in mens singles. He has a lot of results and is one of the best European players in a Asian related sport. He speaks fluently Mandarin, English and Danish, and is a natural ambassador, who can make both kings and kids break a smile. Viktor has opened doors at global markets like just a few world class athletes before him, because his world class performance extends beyond the badminton court.

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